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Whether you want to overcome challenges, realize dreams, or go to your next level professionally and personally, I am there for you. 

Can't come to my office?  Hypnotherapy by phone is a very effective and convenient way to receive my support and skills in the comfort of your home, office or while travelling, anywhere in the world.

Phone sessions are completely safe and highly effective.  Being an experienced practitioner with decades of working with clients, you are receiving the highest standard of professional care. When working with you long distance, I work intuitively, and use skills and tools from hypnotherapy, coaching, NLP and many other modalities, to maximize results and support for you.  This includes guided meditations and hypnotic exercises. I teach you how to use these natural and powerful inner experiences to create the life you want. 

Working long distance often includes making customized hypnotherapy recordings for you.  Designed for profound and lasting results, you can listen to these guided meditations any time.

In my 26 years of experience as certified hypnotherapist and life coach, it has been my privilege to witness and celebrate my clients' success and happiness.  In our sessions, you benefit from all the tools, insights and learning I have acquired in helping thousands of people from all walks of life.

As your Hypnotherapist and Coach I'm your Confidant, guiding you with the expertise, inspiration and support to follow through on your dreams.  I am present with you like a caring friend, only that the focus is on YOU, and your agenda and your needs are the content of coaching.

Relationship is my Strength, professionally and personally I am fortunate to enjoy many close longterm connections.   And while you will certainly benefit from any individual hypnotherapy session, many of my clients count on me as a compassionate companion in the journey of life.  As your coach, I provide the focus, feedback and, if you wish, accountability for your success and fulfillment. 

I look forward to meet you by e-mail or phone:

(831) 724-5400 ~ Toll-free (USA):(877)85-RELAX

“It's as if Karin helped me find the master switch and pull it.  I'd been through a number of tragic accidents/ business dealings over a short period of time.  I couldn't even breathe.  I definitely needed coaching!

 Karin taught me that to get the results I wanted, I could actually re-program myself.  I learned to focus on what beliefs I wanted to have – versus the ones I'd been told I had to have, and had been running on all my life. I had spent many valuable resources on many different types of therapies, but all of these only focused on why or how my problems were happening, not what to do to fix them.

Over my first 5 weeks working with Karin, we did so much that freed me, I could write a book about it!  Thank you so much.”

Karen Hansen 
Facilitator at the University of Phoenix





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“Karin is a gifted hypnotist, and a wise and sensitive coach.  Her work has immediate effects.  I realized profound shifts, both personally and professionally, in a very short time working with Karin.  The personalized recordings she makes for her clients,

are a wonderful way to continue receiving the benefits of her work between sessions.”

Maggie Muir, MA

  Family Counselor

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“Karin is an amazingly qualifiedhypnotherapist.

I have asked her to make self hypnosis recordings for me. She has an innate ability to put your thoughts together in a very cohesive meditation. Karin seems to have a sixth sense about how to word your ideas into an effective recording made specifically for your needs. Her sense of expressing perfectly what your needs are is amazing. She has a calm and soothing voice that inspires confidence in the listener. I marvel at her talent with words and the exact phrasing for statements that cover your needs.

I recommend her as a truly gifted hypnotherapist with an incredible talent for creating personalized recordings that will help you reach your dreams and goals.”

Thank you,
D. S. Munoz

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