June & July 2007

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June & July 2007
Vol VI, Issue 3
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Dear Karin
blue lotus

Welcome to the long, luscious days of summer! 

I hope you are savoring nature in her glory, and finding time in your schedule to simply enjoy the fullness of life.


In addition to vacations and recreation, this is also a great season to contemplate happiness and fulfillment.   I'm often amazed at the great lengths and efforts we go through, in order to invite the elusive butterfly of happiness into our lives.  I would venture to say, that much of what we strife for - be it money, success or relationships - is really a search for deeper levels of fulfillment.

This month's article and tips invite you to expand your capacity for joy, and to make happiness your home, rather than an occasional place to visit. May your emotional evolution be a joyous journey!

As always, I would love to hear from you. What's new in your life?


          With warmest wishes for your wellbeing, 


blue lotus 

Quick Tips for Inviting Happiness

    Define Happiness

  • What does happiness mean to you? Is it accomplishment, loving relationships or being on vacation?  Understanding your own criteria is crucial in attaining this precious state of mind.  Typically, whether you consider yourself happy may be based on doing, being or both.  When do you feel happy?  If you find your definition is too narrow, experiment with expanding your vocabulary.  Make a long list of what adds to your happiness, and find many ways to experience joy.

    Change your Happiness Setpoint

  • The more frequently you experience joyous states of mind, the easier it becomes to attain them.  Just as any habit and the neural connections that accompany the pattern, emotional experiences also seem to have a habitual component and automatic set point.  The more you "shake up" your habitual state of mind, the easier it is to move up the ladder of emotional evolution.  And the further you evolve, the more light, joy and happiness flood your psyche.

     Build Positive Anchors

  • In order to change your happiness setpoint, establish many positive associations in your life.  What gives you feelings of happiness?  This is often linked to what in NLP we call "sorting styles" - auditory, visual and kinesthetic.  I you are for example primarily visual, surround yourself with beauty and reduce clutter.  If auditory is your gig, play your favorite music.  And if you are a "kino-puppy," comfy clothes, movement and everything sensual is sure to trigger happiness.  For maximum results, combine all styles. Establish these "happiness triggers" in all areas of your life - environment, work, relationship etc.

       Learn from "Negative Emotions"

  •  Happiness may well be our natural state of mind.  What we typically consider "negative emotions" such as anger, sadness etc. are  indications that we are somehow "off-track."  When we pay attention to them, these feelings give us information about how to return to happiness.  Anger, for example, informs us that a boundary was overstepped, or a value we hold dear has been violated.  What needs to be done to right the wrong - do you need to speak up, take action or simply acknowledge your upset and let it go?  When acknowledged and respected, emotions are a valuable guidance system to come home to happiness.

Luminous Landscapes  Monthly Sanctuary

Jamaican Sanctuary       Jamaican Sanctuary
Oil on Canvas, 18x24, Available 

Carribean waters warm and inviting,

Shimmering in vibrant light.

Gentle winds caressing,

Glimmer of eternity.
Negril, Jamaica, has a seemingly endless, seven mile sand beach.  My husband and I walked the entire glorious stretch.  Happily finding shade under the above trees,  I felt myself disappear into the endless aqua sea, far away from everyday life.  Vowing to paint this blissful expanse, I absorbed the timeless spirit of that moment into every cell of my body. 
May you discover many a timeless, blissful moment this month...
Warmly, Karin

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bean Hollow 

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Happiness Demystified

By Karin Leonard


According to recent studies by the University of Chicago 60% of Americans consider themselves "pretty happy." Only 30% claim to be "very happy." How you would rate your level of happiness? On a progressive scale of one to five, what number would you give yourself?

Conditional Happiness

If you did not grant yourself a five in the above rating, what would need to happen for you to score higher? Most of us put conditions on our happiness. Maybe finding the perfect partner, scoring the dream home or landing a high paying job will bring happiness ever after. Will it occur after we make our first million, or when we finally lose those extra twenty pounds? What is it for you? Conditional happiness works, at least for a while. After we attain what we longed for, bliss is ours at last - until the high wears off.  We then discover that we haven't fundamentally changed. Recent identical twin studies by psychologist David Lykken indicate that we have a "happiness set point". In other words, we have an acquired comfort zone of bliss. After unusual ups, or devastating downs, we automatically and quickly return to this familiar state. However, even though the degree of happiness we experience is in part genetic, it is possible to raise our set-point. Just as you can change your metabolism through exercise, you can shape your emotional state by taking full responsibility for your own happiness. You have immensely more influence on your inner experience then is commonly assumed. Begin by carefully examining what you think your happiness depends on. Then decide whether you want to delay your happiness until you have met your conditions. Why not make it easier to attain a joyful state of mind? 

 Natural Happiness

Actually, experiencing joy may be our natural state of being, and as we remove inner obstacles to bliss we get closer to being at peace. Just observe healthy children. They are full of joy most of the time, and will quickly and intensely move through upsets. Before you know it, they are smiling again.

When we are truly happy we know we are on the right track with life. Nature always seeks to find equilibrium, and your psyche consistently pursues wholeness, balance and harmony. And much of what we do is geared towards making ourselves feel better. Even bad habits can be an attempt to take care of ourselves. Many a smoker, for example, will tell you that cigarettes help him cope emotionally. Now, we all know that smoking is bad for your health - the intention though is usually positive. Even "negative" emotions like fear, anger or overwhelm can give you information about how to get back to inner harmony - they are a valuable guiding system, and it is crucial to acknowledge and process feelings. Anger, for example, usually indicates that an important boundary was violated. When you understand the "message" the upset is communicating, you can then decide what to do about the source. To regain inner peace, you might choose to confront the issue with the offender, get the emotion out of your system through exercise, or find you can let this one go.


Everything that is not a source of happiness can be a reminder to focus back on what is essential. This allows you to be a powerful advocate of your own happiness.

Karin H. Leonard is a seasoned expert and successful visual artist, known for her compassionate, leading-edge and highly effective brand called InnerEvolutionT, leading to quick results in career and life, while creating greater life-balance.  She has been in private practice in Santa Cruz for 17 years, integrating life coaching with hypnotherapy, NLP and a good dose of intuition. Office located in Santa Cruz.   

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 Favorite Movies of the Month


Each month, we select our favorite or otherwise important films to be featured on this page.  We rate them, subjectively, on a scale from 1 (worthless) to 5 (awesome) in terms of their entertainment and message.  We leave the plot details and storytelling to the filmmakers and instead attempt to characterize, highlight strengths and flaws, and hint at purpose.  Reach us at movies@innerevolution.com.  Enjoy!

Evan Almighty

With Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman, Lauren Graham, John Goodman

Entertainment: 3            Message: 3.5

Steve Carell does a mighty fine job as first-time Ark builder (the first ones are always hardest), Noah II.  He gradually learns to cope with his 'directives on high' and somehow gets it together, despite his day job as newly-minted US Senator.  This adventure with so many live animals should earn him an honorary degree in zoology.  Morgan Freeman is once again typecast as God, and with his natural grace and presence, who's to say he isn't!?  But the animals still manage to steal the show (and more than a few of them soil it before they're through with it).  Overall, a painfully weak plot, but it's still lots of fun and sends great, albeit clunky messages about family values and protecting the environment.  Will the "avoid the apocalypse" message be received? Either way, this makes for good family entertainment - even if you cringe, your kids are sure to have a blast (1 hr 30 min.)

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

With Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis

Entertainment: 3.5         Message: 2.5

The second derivation of the Fantastic Four comic book series, this Big (and Loud) Summer Blockbuster delivers a crisp, fast-paced and funny tour de superheroes-meet-bad-guy on a surf board.  The Silver Surfer effect is so well done, we expect he'll get his own show next time.  Just as big, effects-laden and violent as the first, but this time there's almost a plot (as over-the-top as it is), and the story hangs together rather well.  There's plenty of good-natured, Save-the-Planet warfare - the stuff superheroes live (and die) for.  This probably appeals more to a younger crowd, but if you liked the last one, you'll enjoy this even more (1 hr 31 min.)

Knocked Up

With Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Katherine Heigl

Entertainment: 3.5         Message:  3

This one of a kind comedy has staying power.  If you can stand the "stupid loser stoner dudes" sequences (especially in the beginning), there is deeper meaning and beauty that can be found beneath the surface noise and raunchy humor.  There was so much pot-smoking and portrayal of the father's friends as slackers that we wondered why she'd even consider involving this guy in her life, let alone having a child together.  The possibility of choice about carrying the child to term was completely absent, which makes the moral and religious preference of this film glaringly obvious. Still, it was wonderfully tense and quite funny no matter how crafty and politically skewed. Despite itself, this tale does make a statement about the power of love to help grow and evolve even the most hopeless, World Class dweebs (2 hrs 9 min).

Ocean's Thirteen

With George Clooney, Ellen Barkin, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Andy Garcia

Entertainment: 2.5         Message:  1.5; revenge is sweet

The third in the series is slightly better than the other two, but still Much Ado about absolutely Nothing.  Extremely clever and slick, even though there's no substance whatsoever. Perfectly set in Las Vegas and as glitzy and vapid as this capitol of illusion. The star power is truly impressive, perfectly dressed and as smooth as the script. If you enjoy the actors, this might make for a summer evening of (very) light and breezy "revenge comedy' entertainment (1 hr 56 min).

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

With Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom

Entertainment: 4            Message: "Take all, give nothing"

The third in the series is ridiculously violent and macabre, but what would you expect from dealing with not-so-scrupulous pirates and other-worldly stakes.  This isn't so much about life and death as it is death and undeath.  Ingenious visuals drive the storyline and creative creatures are characters in their own right (but hey, enough about Keith Richards).  These dreamlike and romantic notions of piracy and meaningful misadventures within end-of-the-world conflict go well beyond the Disneyland attraction themes.  Johnny Depp, as always, has a swagger with a bit too much rum in it.   Perhaps the best of the series (so far). If you are a fan of this genre, we won't even try to stop you (2 hrs 45 min).

Shrek the Third

Voices: Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, Antonio Banderas, Rupert Everett, John Cleese, Eric Idle

Entertainment: 3.5         Message: 4

The Shrek series continues to live up to the high standard of entertainment, message and originality that it now stands for. Chock full of creativity, laugh-out-loud gags and great dialogue, this third installment will keep you engaged, as you find yourself back in the company of hilarious characters, who by now are old friends.  Surprises and so much fun at every turn, as well as many clever twists, make for many a belly laugh.  Besides thy hilarity, the messages are layered thick and make for meaningful entertainment, a delight for children of all ages (1 hr 33 min).



I hope you enjoyed this issue of IEZ, and found helpful ideas.

Wishing you success, health and joy in the coming weeks!



Kind Regards,


Karin H. Leonard          



E-mail: karin@innerevolution.com

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