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Sleep Well    

Longing for deep, nourishing sleep? Are you laying awake at night, waking up frequently, feeling exhausted?  In working with clients for over 25 years, I have developed a highly effective approach for you to sleep well.

Whether you are battling insomnia, sleeping fitfully during the night, or menopause is disrupting your night's rest, you have come to the right place.

Sleeping well is crucial for health.  "Slow Wave Sleep" is especially restorative. During periods of SWS, growth hormones are secreted, cell repair is promoted, the immune system is stimulated and memory is supported.

Recent Research at the University of Zurich has shown that hypnosis is highly effective for improving sleep.  New studies revealed that through hypnotherapy, "Slow Wave Sleep" incresed by as much as 80%.

In our work together,
in person or per phone,  you receive highly effective tools for deep sleep. 
We combine hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP for you to get fast results. I also create customized hypnosis recordings to help you relax and practice at home. My proven approach has shown to have an over 90% success rate.

Sleeping better with hypnotherapy is a gentle yet highly effective way to experience deep, rejuvenating rest. Hypnosis is a completely safe, enjoyable and natural form of deep relaxation and concentration, utilizing the mind body connection.  Through this laserlike focus you learn to interact with your body more effectively, and receive tools to sleep well.  Post hypnotic suggestions continue to automatically and successfully work with you after each session. 

Phone-Coaching sessions combining coachinghypnotherapy and NLP are also available. This is especially convenient if you live outside the San Francisco Bay area. As part of this process, I create customized hypnosis recordings for you, to help you sleep well. With this MP3 or CD you can safely reinforce the suggestions, visualizations and triggers (anchors) for great rest, as often as you like, and in the comfort of your own home. In addition you get to enjoy the deep relaxation and well-being that hypnosis provides.

You can also order a customized recording or sessions by visiting our store.  This is especially helpful if you live outside the San Francisco Bay area.

Private Sessions are usually conducted at my offices in Santa Cruz, CA. 

For more information on our affordable arrangements, or to set up sessions, call (831) 724-5400 or e-mail



Karin is a wise and sensitive coach, and a gifted hypnotist.  Her work has immediate effects. I realized profound shifts, both personally and professionally, in a very short time working with Karin.  The personalized recordings she makes for her clients are a wonderful way to continue receiving the benefits of her work between sessions.”

Maggie Muir, MA
Family Counselor and Post-partum Doula

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