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Ease in Menopause

Are hot flashes disturbing your days, and nightsweats keeping you up?  Are you tired of mood swings and memory loss, and worried about weight gain?  Not sure where to turn?

While menopause is a natural transition into a new phase of our lives, the physical and emotional symptoms can be disturbing and even debilitating.  Hypnosis can help on all levels, and may serrve as a natural alternative to hormone replacement.

According to research (Mind-Body Medicine Research Laboratory at Baylor University, Waco, Texas), clinical hypnosis cut hot flashes by as much as 80 percent, along with other benefits, such as improved sleep and improved emotional states.

Hypnosis provides deep relaxation, and calms the entire nervous system.  This makes it possible for all body systems to fuction at their optimum, and transforms anxiety into inner calm.  Hypnosis also facilitates peaceful sleep.

In addition, guided imagery such as of a cooling, healing environment, brings great relief. Visualization of the desired, healthy state, along with powerful suggestions for a smooth transition bring multiple benefits and quick results.

Menopause is not a disease, but marks a new, powerful chapter in a woman's life.  For many of us, being freed from the monthly cycle, and from the responsibilities of child rearing, opens the door to new levels of creativity.  Precious life force can now be focused on what you want to do and experience. 

Giving meaning and purpose to this phase in our lives changes the experience of menopause.  Rather than something to endure, and dreading the loss of beauty, health and purpose, menopause can be the gateway into ageless wisdom, power and radiant attractiveness.  Since our lives will likely be longer than those of our ancestors, celebrating and claiming what is next as our own is crucial.

In our private sessions that combine hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP, we design a customized program for you.  This proven approach addresses your physical, emotional and personal meaning experiences before, during and after menopause.  We address your day-to-day reality, as well as long-term health and purpose.

The program is straightforward and easy to follow. Hypnotherapy is deeply enjoyable, nurturing, highly efffective and completly safe.  Even a lightly relaxed state is very open to positive suggestion and visualization - so no worries whether you can be "hypnotized."  I also make recordings for you, so you have meditations to enjoy at home. By using NLP, we can eliminate negative thought or emotional patterns, limiting beliefs and behaviors that do not serve you.  Coaching provides the support, sense of renewed purpose and joy of life to create ease in menopause, naturally.

Tele-coaching is also available, and very convenient if you live outside the San Francisco Bay area. In addition to phone support, I create a customized hypnosis recordings for you. With this recording, you can safely reinforce the suggestions, visualizations and triggers (anchors) for a healthy menopause, as often as you like, and in the comfort of your own home. In addition you get to enjoy the deep relaxation and well-being that hypnosis provides.

You can also order a customized recording or coaching per phone by visiting our store.  This is especially helpful if you live outside the San Francisco Bay area.

Private Sessions are usually conducted at my offices in Santa Cruz, CA. 

For more information or to set up sessions, call (831) 724-5400 or e-mail .




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"Just in the few weeks I've been utilizing your programs, I've been noticing an incredible difference.  I'm confident, uplifted and ready to soar. 

I have a lot of experience with hypnosis, and have utilized it for inner and outer transformation for over a decade, but I must tell you, I think Karin's programs are the most resonant and enjoyable that I've ever experienced. 

I liken Karin's voice to rich, warm dark chocolate...

 After a few months of feeling rather bleak and depressed, I'm feeling on top of the world now, and know that your programs have been one of the catalysts that have helped me to these heights.  Thank you really doesn't express it well enough, but I do thank you with all my heart.

Kim Loftis,

       The Spiritual Serenity Coach

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