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If you are ready to let go of cigarettes, you have come to the right place!  In working with clients for over 25 years, I have developed a highly effective approach for smoking cessation.

The Quit Smoking Program includes two private sessions, my Vibrant Health CD , and a customized hypnosis recording (CD or MP3) for you to stay quit, recorded during the second session.

In only two private sessions, in person or per phone, you become a non-smoker. We combine hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP for you to get fast results. In the first session, you quit cigarettes through hypnosis.  In the second visit, we make a customized hypnosis recording to help you stay free from cigarettes.  My proven approach has shown to have an over 90% success rate.

Together, we decide on healthful habits that fit your schedule and preferences, and eliminate patterns that no longer work for you.  We find long-term solutions to support you to stay quit.

Our program is straightforward and easy to follow.  Through Hypnotherapy we can get to the roots of old patterns, and reinforce what you want, as well as visualize your achieved goal.  By using NLP, we can eliminate beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you.  Coaching provides the support, follow through and reality check to create success naturally.

Phone-Coaching sessions combining coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP are also available. This is especially convenient if you live outside the San Francisco Bay area. When working with you per phone, we begin with a 30 min intake. We then create a customized hypnosis recording with Karinís soothing voice, to help you quit smoking. With this MP3 or CD you can safely reinforce the suggestions, visualizations and triggers (anchors) for becoming free of cigarettes, as often as you like, and in the comfort of your own home. In addition you get to enjoy the deep relaxation and well-being that hypnosis provides.

To further support you in staying quit, during the second phone session of 30 min we set up success structures for you. We then customize a second recording for you to be free off cigarettes for good. You can play this anytime you wish to reinforce the suggestions. If so desired, we can schedule follow up coaching sessions per phone for you to stay on track.

You can also order a customized recording or sessions by visiting our store.  This is especially helpful if you live outside the San Francisco Bay area.

Private Sessions are usually conducted at my offices in Santa Cruz, CA. 

For more information on our affordable arrangements, or to set up sessions, call (831) 724-5400 or e-mail karin@innerevolution.com.


“Karin’s method of healing is extremely compassionate and sympathetic- which was exactly what I was looking for and needed. I felt safe express all of my fears, concerns and emotions that occur with major life changes. Her approach to understanding why I smoked, why I wanted to quite and triggers helped in my healing process. She also had me look at the benefits of my life as a non-smoker. I believe that this was fundamental to my success in becoming a non-smoker. I am extremely grateful to Karin for helping free me from the addiction and to become the healthy person that I want to be.”

Sandra- Santa Cruz

“I guess it's been about 11 years now. On our way into your office Henry & I had smoked our last cigarette and dropped the rest of the pack into the waste basket.

I remember you made both of us feel at ease. The hypnosis sessions flew by. All I can say is that it worked instantaneously. Our cravings for the cigarettes were gone. The normal withdrawal symptoms were virtually nil.  

The follow up session was just fine. We made a back-up tape of the session, which we never had to use.

We are very grateful every day that we no longer smoke, no longer smell, no longer pay so much money for the habit. Plus smoking wasted so much time.

We often give your number out and encourage or friends to use your services to help them to quit too.  Thank you again.”

Lisa & Henry Carter
Owners of Water Star Motors www.waterstarmotors.com

You and I met about a year ago for a couple of sessions to help me with ending my 40 year smoking habit.

Well, I do not smoke, and do now have any desire to smoke!
Just wanted to send you a thanks and a hug.

Dwight Smith - Santa Cruz, CA

Well, it's been over three years now since I stopped smoking, and I am still amazed at how easy it was. Since then I have never had the least interest in the things. I think that because I am not "trying" to not smoke, or forcing myself to "behave", I have no bad feelings toward anyone else who smokes. Cigarettes just aren't for me anymore, and that's nice. Thought you might want to know. Thanks and all the best.

Dwight Smith - Santa Cruz, CA

"I've been through many stressful situations with divorce and even job loss after being downsized from a former position, but have remained smoke free.  I had one "almost-relapse" in December 2003 when I tried to puff after a really stressful situation, but the cigarette tasted so awful that I couldn't even inhale it, and the thought of smoking has never crossed my mind since - except to be thankful that I no longer have the desire!  None of my old triggers, including happy situations, socializing, etc., hold association with smoking for me any longer."

Kim Tallitsch - Washington D.C.


QUITZA: a caring compassionate community providing on-line support for quitting smoking worldwide.


“I quit smoking after only two sessions with Karin.  I was a smoker for almost 40 years, and I've been smoke free ever since.”

Elzie Pryor,
Santa Cruz, CA

“I went to Karin to quit smoking, after trying numerous times on my own, with no luck.  It has now been 3 years, and I still am a non-smoker, and I owe all my success to Karin.  She is so wonderful that I have sent friends and family to her, and she has helped them too!!  I can not find the words to thank Karin and tell her how much she has helped me change my life style!!  I recommend her to everyone!!!”

Jill Prindle
Santa Cruz, CA

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